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I’m glad you found this website.  You may be considering therapy for a variety of reasons, from a major crisis to relationship difficulties to a desire for greater fulfillment in your life.  I hope this site helps you make the best decision about beginning counseling or psychotherapy.

I work mainly with adults and late adolescents, individually, in couples and in groups.  The areas I specialize in are sexual issues (individuals or couples), adults molested as children, emotional intimacy, communication, anxiety, depression, self-awareness, and deep and lasting character change.

In my 40 years of practicing counseling and psychotherapy I’ve worked with a wide variety of people of different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, as well as those with physical challenges.  I find it immensely rewarding to work with people who are actively seeking to resolve problems, gain inner peace and elevate their emotional, intellectual and physical well-being.

  My approach is a mixture of many different types of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Family Systems Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and Sex Therapy.

On the left are tabs for some of the issues you may be interested in knowing more about. 

The best way to start is to call me at one of the numbers below.  I will be glad to answer a few questions briefly, and if we both agree that it may be a good match, we will set up the first appointment.  In that first appointment, I will ask you more about the reason for coming in and get a little bit of information about your current circumstances and history.

Your right to keep the things you talk about confidential is guaranteed by law by the ethical codes of my profession.  There are limits, which are explained at the end of the Information Form tab.  Other issues related to our work together can be found there as well. 

 If you decide to see another therapist, I wish you the best in your journey of healing, self-discovery, and greater intimacy.  If you’ve decided to call me, I look forward to talking with you soon.

                                         Lee Blackwell, Ph.D.

My two locations are listed below:

Newport Beach - (949) 706-0707

Huntington Beach - Voice:  (714)848-7280, Fax:  (714)847-8909

Email:  lee@drblackwell.net

Feel free to email me with a brief question or a scheduling issue, but be aware that I do not check my email every day.  I do check my voice mail several times a day on weekdays.  If the matter is quite urgent, you may call my cell phone at (714)943-4858. 

Please go to the "Contact Me" page for locations and directions.

Unfortunately, my schedule is quite full, but if you are flexible, we can probably find a time that works for both of us.  If you require a specific time or day and would like to be placed on my waiting list, please call one of the numbers above or email me.  Please note that I do not bill insurance, but I will fill out the insurance form for you to submit to your insurance company.  I do not have a sliding scale.  If you cannot wait to be seen, please consider the following referrals.

For individual therapy in Newport Beach/Irvine:

Kelly Barclay, Psy.D., 949-706-3044
Jeffrey Stickney, Psy.D., 949-
Barry Ross, Ph.D., 949-852-1410
Suzanne Ross, Ph.D., 949-752-3877

For couple therapy in Newport Beach:

Kelly Barclay, Psy.D., 949-706-3044
Margaret Reedy, Ph.D., 949-727-1838

Individual therapy in Huntington Beach area:

Kelly Barclay, Psy.D., 714-941-9940
Betty Jorgenson, LCSW, 714-229-4809 

Couple therapy in Huntington Beach area:

Kelly Barclay, Psy.D., 714-841-9940
Betty Jorgenson, LCSW, 714-229-4809